App Testing and Quality Assurance

Quality is not optional. We provide vigorous App Testing and QA Services for all projects.

If you are looking for a professional App Developer company that takes quality to heart, you have come to the right place.

To us, quality is not optional. We provide vigorous App Testing and QA Services for all projects. That way you will know that when your App is downloaded onto one of your user’s devices, he or she can look forward to a flawless App experience.


End-user testing

End-user testing should never be an afterthought. We believe that every single aspect of App development should be treated as equally important as no App can function to its full potential if one or more components contain flaws that will impact the overall outcome. First impressions do matter in the App world as a user can just as easily uninstall your app as it was installed in the first place. We ensure that users will have enough to make them want to use the App as often as possible – even so, that your App gets it’s very own place on your user’s mobile Home Screen!


Detect Problems and Evaluate

Keeping that in mind, Mont6 employs a number of testing strategies to detect problems and evaluate how users understand and interact with your app. This allows us to detect and fix problems before your users do. We also have access to thousands of physical test cloud devices and perform manual and automated tests with every release of your app.


Hardware Configurations

Hardware configurations are incredibly difficult to control and will require a number of tests and setting adjustments. The Mont6 team is exceptional when it comes to ensuring the hardware in your App functions to its optimum capacity. After all, once the App is released, ALL aspects of the App should work without flaw, even the hardware.


Launch Successfully

As there are over 2.8 million Apps out there, you can’t afford the pure notion of your App being released with flaws that will hinder users from enjoying the full experience your App has to offer. We understand that the second your App is launched, the hourglass to success begins.

Once your App is launched and marketing begins, timing is everything

When you need to disable your App within the first few marketing days to fix a flaw in the system, your App will be lost in the masses. That is why the team at Mont6 finds after testing so important. We ensure that once your App goes out into the world, it never ceases to amaze.

  • Avoiding Pitfalls
    It is also common that if an App is not accepted within the first few days it is launched for users to experience; it will easily lose momentum and be replaced by another application. App testing services will ensure this does not happen. With App testing done, your App is sure to bring the “wow” factor to users’ minds if done the correct way.
  • Robust Testing
    It is important to note that we don’t only make use of one system to test the developed Apps. We make use of a vast number of systems and programs to ensure every single tool works as it should to bring your App to its full glory.

App is launched

After the App is launched, we keep testing the system to ensure there are no bugs that can hinder optimum operations. We also offer assistance with App updates and any other technical queries once the App is released. For as long as your App lives it’s glorious life in the amazing world of applications, you can look forward to professional service – from the get-go and beyond!

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