Analysis and Diagnostics

Keeping an eye on your app’s performance and crash logs 24/7

Detect problems before your customers do

Our proactive approach to monitoring your App usage, performance, and crash logs ensure that your App’s potential problems are recorded, prioritized, and solved quickly. When your App is launched and actively used by your customers, you might think that you can let the App sustain itself. This, however, is where many Apps dissolve into the masses. App analysis and diagnostics give App developers the ability to problem-solve even faster.

Yes, the team at Mont6 makes use of a vast variety of programs that make it possible for us to keep your App running at all times, no matter what issues may arise. As we don’t live in a perfect world, there may come a time where your App experiences some glitches or overcrowded use. That is why we evaluate each issue with the utmost of care to solve the problem as effectively as possible.


Crash monitoring

No one wants their App to crash. This will lead to negative app ratings that could have a severe impact on how trustworthy potential customers may find your App. Luckily; Mont6 has access to state-of-the-art equipment that will help us monitor such issues. Our team of experts will then race to the drawing board to solve the problem as quickly as possible and most importantly, determine what needs to be done to eliminate the issue from happening again in the future.



As we constantly monitor your App, we are able to troubleshoot any bugs you might be experiencing within the App interface. We make use of extensive server logs to create a story of events that caused the issue to arise, thus giving us a clear indication of where the problem started. Once the problem is detected, we can work on how to get it fixed.


Backend performance

With the rapidly advancing app industry, immense trust is put on the backend of an App working without fail. After all, if a problem is detected on the backend of an App, it needs to be solved immediately before other functions within the App interface are affected. Our expert App developers understand this 100% and we work tirelessly to ensure every detail of the backend of your App is taken into consideration when performing routine troubleshooting analysis.


App version control

When you want an App developed to improve customer experience, you need to take into consideration that not all users will update their App immediately after a new version of the App is released. This, as part of App analysis, is very important to the team at Mont6. We ensure that, even though your App has a new version released, overall user ability is not hindered for users still making use of the older App version. It is important, however, to get users to update their App versions as soon as possible to keep enjoying optimum usability.

App performance and crashes can lead to an unsatisfactory user experience and we take this seriously. By monitoring your App 24/7 with email alerts when things go wrong help us to be pro-active and act quickly. That is yet another great reason why Mont6 App Developers in Pretoria and Cape Town should be your number one choice when it comes to all things App!

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